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Yoga workshops on the road, a continuous search through breath and movement.

The practice I propose varies from dynamic flow sessions to a more traditional hatha, altogether inspired from the disciplined Astanga Vinyasa system.

“Yoga” means “union” in old Sanskrit. Rather than putting different schools and styles in boxes, I myself enjoy to explore the great diversity that today’s yoga offers, blending and merging teachings.

Taking one step on the mat brings you one step closer to yourself, a constant journey towards transformation.


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Psychedelic Tribal Gathering
30 July – 5 August 2018

Dádpuszta, Hungary


Festiwal XXX lat Teatru Klinika Lalek –

Stacja Wolimierz

– 20 July to 22 July 2018 –

Stacja Wolimierz, Poland

 Ashtanga Workshop – Hazu, Japan
– 13 March 2018 –

Cafe Oceans shared house, Hazu, Aichi prefecture, Japan

3:00 PM, please bring your own mat

Goa yoga retreat

– 1 December to 11 December 2017 –
Wild Lotus Yoga – the Mandala resort, Ashvem

Flow & partner yoga workshop – Avon

– 5 November 2017 – 1:00 to 5:00 PM

Avon, Ile-de-France, France

Shared teaching with Adeline Robin

Please bring a towel and a small blanket for final relaxation

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Born in a Franco-British family, Colin always has been eager to learn, explore and to seek for further understandings. He grew up practicing aikido, archery and XIII th century sword fighting techniques which soon leaded him towards meditation through movement.

In the early years of his nomadic life, he left for Asia. Having met Shintoism in Japan, he moved to Thailand, traveling from monastery to monastery, living amongst monks, which brought him to a very practical way of integrating meditation on a daily basis and somehow always connected to Nature.

Later in Croatia, Yoga was introduced to him by a fellow traveler from Iceland. From that time, Colin started to build his self-practice, continuously learning from teacher to teacher. While practicing and studying some of the ancient Yoga scriptures in India, he met Mandi & Mushky (YogaVerita) and completed a TTC under their instruction. Soon after that, he was guided to the very traditional Astanga Vinyasa system, today foundation of his daily practice.

Colin truly believes a good instructor stays a forever student and that constant, disciplined and conscious practice is the key to a deeper understanding of self, a journey towards inner peace and happiness. His time being splitted between harvesting medicinal herbs in the wild and Yoga, he is used to set his mat wherever the day takes him, practicing in the middle of forests and mountains, jungles and river banks but also in any place providing shelter and a flat floor, like an abandoned tower or a wooden tractor’s trailer. Still on the road, Colin teaches workshops on his way in a continuous search to experience this never-ending change that Life offers.


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My teachers

  • Sharmila Desai – Ashtanga Yoga Morjim
  • Monica Marinoni – Astanga Auroville
  • Matthew Vollmer – Ashtangaspirit
  • Mandi Suppan – YogaVerita
  • Mushky Nagel – YogaVerita
  • Hamish Hendry – Astanga Yoga London
  • Kia Naddermier – Mysore Paris
  • Naw Teeraprasert – Ashtanga Samasthiti
  • Pierre Baronian – Mysore Lyon
  • Adeline Robin – Wild Lotus Yoga
  • Laurent Pontarollo – Yogishen
  • Carole Colella – Toulouse
  • Satya – Satya Meditation
  • Bastien – Prasadhana Yoga
  • Geihardur Thorstenson – Icelandlogo-mini
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And also…

  • Mandala Shalla – Mysore
  • Sivananda Ashram – Neyar Dam, Kerala
  • Philippe Djoharikian – Le Champignon Bleu
  • JivamuktiYoga – Berlin

Martial Arts, body work & energetics

  • Nelly Dargent – Kalarippayat
  • Kyril Aumasson – medieval archery & sword fighting
  • Aikido FFAAA
  • Claude Victoria – Acrobatics
  • Rakyela Kunyo – Thai massage and body mechanics
  • Kris Deva – Taoist energetics

Deepest and sincere gratitude to each one of them.


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Any questions, bookings or possibilities please kindly leave your message. Spending a lot of time on the road and in the nature, I will try to reply as shortly as possible.